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POP Forums v17 is a forum app for ASP.NET Core, used as the base for several sites maintained by the author, as well as a commercial, cloud hosted product. It’s a long-term commitment to great community. If you’re looking for the commercial hosted product and support for it, go to

This documentation is for the open source POP Forums project. For documentation about the commercial hosted product, visit

Make test posts and try it out here:

The project goals include:

  • Use ASP.NET Core and cloud resources for robust scale-out.
  • Keep the project open source.
  • Be the best ASP.NET Core-based forum.
  • Not duplicate UBB’s 1998 UI for the Nth time.
  • Localize: Now available in English, Spanish, German, Ukrainian, Dutch and Taiwanese Mandarin.

More information:


To set it up, check the installation instructions in the Start Here section.

POP Forums v13 for ASP.NET MVC 5 is also available as a previous release.

Do you speak English and another language? We want to make POP Forums globally useful. Since v9.2, the app is easily localized. Volunteers have translated to Spanish, Dutch, Ukrainian, Taiwanese Mandarin and German, and we’d love help for additional languages. Drop Jeff an e-mail to for more information.

Found a bug? Add it to the issue tracker.

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